Update from the Cannadas


Dear Friends,

Michelle and I have left New York City and moved on to the next chapter in our lives in Gainesville, Ga. Michelle actually left Brooklyn March 30 to get a head start on finding a place for us to live and a car since we both sold ours before coming here to work with Graffiti 3 Ministries. I preached my last sermon G3 Church Saturday, April 1 and headed out to join Michelle on Monday, April 3. 

If all of this is new to you, we left the ministry here because of some recent health issues Michelle has been dealing with – including Fibromyalgia – have made it very difficult for her in the very physically demanding life of NYC. Patrick Baez is the interim director and is supervising our staff which includes Hannah Clark, Gabe Thomas and Raul Rivera. Pray for this team as continue the work in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  Pray with us that The Lord will bring a permanent pastor/director to G3 in His time.

While it was sad to say goodbye to a ministry we love, we are excited to have this opportunity and to see how The Lord may use us in our new place and we are looking forward to the benefits we believe it will have on Michelle’s health. We believe there will be volunteer ministry opportunities which will allow us to be part of God’s plan there. 

Thank you for your prayers and for your support while we have been in Brooklyn. I want to ask you to consider continuing to support the ministry of Graffiti 3. So many good things are happening in the lives of children, youth and adults in Brownsville. Children are learning about Jesus in our after-school program, men and women are finding a safe place to talk about faith issues and be prayed for in our weekly breakfast and our church is beginning to grow. 

Michelle and I have already set a plan to give financially to Graffiti 3 because we believe in what is happening in Brownsville and want to support the continued ministry. While God does the work in any community, He calls on people to help support the missionaries who are on the field and in the trenches. I hope you will join us if you are not already part of our support team. 

I appreciate your support of me and/or Graffiti 3 while I was here. I have counted on you so much for your prayers for the ministry as well as your financial support either directly, through your church or by coming on a mission team. I know who have been giving to my support are considering not supporting anymore since I am not there. I pray that you will continue to support Graffiti 3 as it moves through this transition and beyond. This ministry is making a real difference in lives in Brownsville.

There are two ways to give financially to Graffiti 3. You can mail your gift to: Graffiti 3, 205 East Seventh Street, New York, NY 10009. You can also give on line by going to: https://graffiti.givingfuel.com/graffiti-3-ministries 

The site will allow you to give any amount you choose and can handle automatic monthly gifts or one-time donations.

Thanks for your help in the past and please consider giving a donation during this time of transition.

In His grip,

Norm Cannada