With over 40 years of experience serving New York City, Graffiti Community Ministries seeks to bring about change with a long-term, Bible-based focus.

Together we...


Stand up

The Bible teaches us to open our hearts to those in need (1 John 3:17). We seek to do this through providing meals, children's programs, and hosting special neighborhood events. There are many ways to serve and be served at Graffiti 3, all are invited and welcome here.



We strive to build healthy and lasting relationships in the community. No matter your age or background, our hope is to connect with you and encourage you to seek and know God's love and everlasting joy. 


move forward

Everything Graffiti provides is based on sharing the Good News of an abundant life in Christ and helping believers understand how to live out their faith. Graffiti 3 Ministries aims to establish a constant gathering of disciples and worshipers of Jesus Christ.