With 40 years of experience serving New York City, Graffiti 3 seeks to take on the toughest assignments and bring about change with a long-term, Bible-based focus.

A Note From Patrick

Thank you for another amazing semester in Brownsville! We have had an in an incredible experience in 2017... read more

2014 Toy Sale

Reach Out

The Bible teaches us to open our hearts to those in need (1 John 3:17). We seek to do this through serving those in need, providing community meals, and participating in special neighborhood events and projects.

Build Strong

We see so much potential in our young people through mentorship and discipling. We work with local kids in our after-school, promoting academic success as well as spiritual and personal growth. We also serve young men with a rigorous, short-term apprenticeship opportunity.


Seek UP

In everything we do we share the good news of abundant life in Christ. We also train believers in what a life in Christ looks like.  We meet in Bible Studies and Family Chapel Services. We are starting a church focused on bringing together the family in fellowship, and welcoming people from all walks of life.