Abundant Opportunities

              Among the people attending a recent Graffiti 3 worship service was a single dad who escaped his war-torn country years ago and now lives with his son in Brooklyn. He has been part of our ministry for more than a year, learning what it means to follow Jesus.

               There are several women who have battle scars from a history of abuse. We are helping them to see that abuse is not the way God intended and there is hope and healing in the name of Jesus Christ. 

               One of our leaders is a man who found Jesus six years ago and is giving back to kids and adults in our community now that he has been set free from his previous life of drug abuse, prison and a life he admits was out of control. He has even preached about the transforming life of Jesus in worship.

               Two teenagers are talking about colleges they are looking at while living in a neighborhood with a 40 percent graduation rate.

               Children are learning the stories of the Bible and that Jesus can be trusted in all circumstances.

               Men and women look forward to our weekly community breakfasts for not only a hot meal, but also a place where they can share their heart and be prayed for. 

               In worship and throughout the ministry, people are seeing very specific answers to prayer needs showing them that God loves them and answers prayer.

               These are only a sample of the abundance of opportunities Graffiti 3 staff members have to share the love and life-changing power of Jesus Christ in the 1.2 square miles of Brownsville, Brooklyn.

               Graffiti 3 is still small, but we believe great things come from the small things. We are seeing The Lord bless through 25 kids in an after-school program, new youth group gatherings, conversations over breakfast and sharing the power of Jesus in our worship services on Saturday afternoons. We may be small, but we see God working in so many ways.

$100 Challenge

               The Lord uses partners like you to help provide the resources needed to reach out to Brownsville with the love of Jesus Christ. A few months ago, Graffiti 3 launched our $100 Challenge in which we are asking for 600 people to consider giving $100 by the end of 2016. We have made some inroads in this goal, but still need 385 more people to join the effort by December 31 in order to meet that goal. I am asking you to consider a $100 one-time gift to Graffiti 3 this year. 

You can be a part of this effort by sending a check to: Graffiti 3 Ministries, 205 East Seventh Street, New York, NY 10009. You can also give online by going to this website: https://graffiti.givingfuel.com/g3-100-challenge. You will have the choice of a one-time gift or setting up a monthly gift that can come from a credit or debit card. The website is set up to receive a gift for $100 or one that is greater or smaller than that amount. You can give any size gift you choose. If you send a check, just put $100 Challenge in the memo line so that it will be counted toward the goal. 

As you consider year-end giving, I hope you will join me in helping us reach our goal and providing resources we will use to continue to share the love of Jesus in Brownsville. 

In His grip,

Norm Cannada


Graffiti 3 Ministries

And The Graffiti 3 Staff